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The Wines of Virginia

Oz Clarke

New video from Oz Clarke on the wines of Virginia. See more here:



Charles Metcalfe on tour with the Foodies Festival

Charles Metcalfe

See our new Video on the best wine pairings for Summer. Read more:


A breakthrough in room security....


New style lock

Grandfather gets crowd-funding - lock goes into production! Read more HERE:


Too Young to Stop?

Older couple

Ideas for working past retirement. READ MORE HERE:

Do you know your cholesterol level?

Benecol packshot

Despite heart disease ranking high on the list of health concerns for over 45 year-olds, nearly half have no idea of what their cholesterol levels are, a risk factor for developing a heart condition. Read more HERE:




The Dangers of Dehydration for the Elderly

Elderly lady

It's not just children at risk! - New Video HERE:


Self driving cars - just around the corner!

Self driving car

How they could change our motoring - Read more HERE:


Art Everywher graphic

Art Everywheremontage

Ultimate Street Art - You decide!. Read more HERE:


Bucket List - What's holding you back?

Artic image


Adventure seeker, Christine Meerman-Cooper, trekked across Alaska via malamute husky sled to raise money for her charity. We spoke to her to find out what helped her live out her dreams and why she thinks it’s so important to achieve your life goals. See Video HERE:

Start the Weekend right!

Wine decanting

How to decanter your wine. READ MORE HERE:




Off to War on the Bus

Pals group photograph

The Pals Battalions of World War One. Read more HERE:


Celebrity chef Jean-Christophe Novelli reveals hearing loss battle


Watch our video where the celeb chef talks about his battle with age related hearing loss, touching upon how it affected his career, how he finally got the help he needed and how it has changed his life for the better. Video HERE:

Hearing loss - the facts and figures. Read more:


Your Eyesight - Too important to neglect


Deteriorating eyesight - symptoms to be aware of. Read more:


Annuities: New EU legislation has affected the best annuity rates available for both sexes.

Furthermore, the FSA has launched an investigation into the pension annuity market.

See our article on both stories and the best annuity rates by Geoff Alderton of the Banking Times.

Also, click here to read his main article on the Banking Times website.



Play Bingo on-line

Bingo players

Smash your false assumptions regarding online Bingo. This fun game is safe to play and

can win you amazing prizes from the comfort of your home .Read more....








Don't miss the fun!

Summer flowers
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On-line dating

New article Read More

Getting back in the game.

New blog post


Care Homes overview

Care Home craft activity

Read more:




Equity Release from Age Partnership Independent equity release specialists. We can help you select the most appropriate equity release plan to suit your individual needs. 

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